Feedback is so important to improve and to your learning. I have been the kind of learner that is very happy with my results and some times a little hestiant to seek out feeback. I realise that it is important to celebrate achievements and to reflect on past ones sometimes, but we can be very quick to tick the box and move on to the next achievement. However this time I thought no, take the bold step and ask for feedback and properly reflect- I am really enjoying this course, I have a desire to do better and it is has also been really useful in my job so with this in mind I thought I would ask for feedback.

1- The feedback wasn’t bad, in fact it was really positive

2- Suggestion to keep blogging and building on my experience

3- Look at other blogs and learn from these

4- Try to be more explicit, I can be a little implicit and not explore things too their full potential

We talk about feedback so often in Education, it also is a feature of NSS scores up and down the country. We are obsessed with interpreting feedback from these and one of the areas students often bring scores down in is the area of Assessment and Feedback. It is not often that  I have sat down and thought about how it feels to ask for feedback, to seek it out and how daunting that can feel to certain students. We have a perception of the world and very often an assumption that everyone else sees it in this way too. Sometimes we can be our own worst critics without thinking and sometimes it is good to seek feedback to realise that actually our work is good while not forgetting that there is still a lot to learn.

Actually there are a couple of training sessions that I have been to over the last year, on Operational Excellence have been useful in thinking about feedback and improvements. So often with the word excellence you automatically think- every thing is perfect and excellent but actually how to go about achieving Operational Excellence is more about- Little improvements and often, will lead you towards excellence 🙂




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