This week was really all about #digifest16. Which was really interesting once again, quite a few interesting talks and lots of exciting digital technologies on show.

Having just spent two days at JISCs Digifest and incessantly on-line checking what is going on, what’s happening etc.. It is so nice to be sat on a train home, unconnected and writing this draft in Word. I quite enjoy that the spell checker is suggesting Digest for Digifest, right now I feel like I do need to digest all that has happened at Digifest. I hope that you find this digest of tweets useful!

Although this year had the added bonus of being able to meet some of our fellow BOE’rs in person…. yes folks, we are all real people 🙂realboe1

The main thing that I took away from Digifest- it is really lovely to know people in an on line environment and their on line social presence is important. But it is also so important to meet people as well. One of the really lovely things was being able to meet; Laurence, Nadine, Kevin and Penny in the flesh. I can confirm they are all as nice in person as they seem on line. It is funny the image of someone that you build up from on line interactions and to find out how these compare in real-life. For instance I am not sure why, but I was a little surprised that Laurence is as tall as he is. It has got me wondering if being able to communicate in a variety of situations and build a social presence on line and offline are equally important? These are skills are becoming equally important in the virtual and the real world. And often do we transfer our personality in the real world to the on line world or does on line represent an opportunity to create a bit of a different social presence? Also our social presence will often be different in different contexts, I know that I have a different social presence at work to the one I have at home or with friends, although a lot of my underlying characteristics transfer across situations.

There were so many things to take away from Digifest but I think the highlight for me was hearing the first plenary session. For me it really chimed in with some of our key themes for this unit in particular the idea of on line social presence is a key theme for our unit 3. This has resonated with some of the themes coming from the talk given by Donna Lanclos @DonnaLanclos (www.jisc.ac.uk/events/jisc-digital-festival-02-mar-2016/programme). She spoke the need to humanise of technology and the need particularly for this in education- digital technologies are tools and not a quick fix for budget constraints! I think I agree with this point- for a long time I have felt that sometimes (not always) people see technology as this magic answer, it’s not of course, there needs to be some human interaction to give the technology a purpose. Without a purpose the technology is a bit redundant. But it also made me think about the theme of social presences, it is important to present yourself as a human at the end of a technology. We as teachers/ support staff at the other end of the line often give the technology a human touch, building that sense on line social presence. I would also recommend a read of her post on the JISC site about the ‘The death of the digital native’

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Digifest16 then please drop me a comment 🙂



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