And we are off…. one giant leap…..

Start line

Welcome to my first blog posting. This is a reflective blog based on my experiences of being an online learner and part of the BOE at Edinburgh Napier University. Having successfully made it through Module 1 I now find myself starting Module 2. Phew, but I am just starting to realise that the Christmas break does not go on forever and I had better get cracking with Module 2 or there might not be a Module 3 🙂

I intend to use the blog to reflect on my experiences of being an online learner for the first time and some of the interesting things that I am starting to find out along this journey. I hope that it will be useful to others that find themselves in a similar scenario. I do warn you that I have a bit of a magpie tendency, so you will probably find that I also post the odd random thing that I have found interesting, but I hope you will also find it a little bit interesting…… So I am sorry you will see the odd picture of lego etc. that I try to make fit my theme!

Why did I choose a blog? I have had a WordPress account for a couple of years, I have contributed to community/professional blogs, I enjoy reading blogs, I teach students about blogging…… so I thought it was time that I took the plunge and tried it properly myself. I hope this experience will be interesting and expand my expertise. It actually feels quite nice to be writing a blog where I have full ownership of it. I have enjoyed writing blog postings before, but unfortunately I can not link to them anymore, because the hosting organisation removed the blog and all the posts with it…… so I think this experience, at least I will be more in control. My main hope is that I will be able to look back on this project and reflect on how my ideas have developed.


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